Project Management

Project Management made easy

General Project Management

Whether you need help managing your clients, team, or event, Six by Six Solutions can create a plan that will minimize disruptive challenges and find solutions to your most difficult tasks

Vendor support

Recruiting team members and sub-contractors can take a lot of time away from what's important. Let Six by Six Solutions track and manage your vendors (can include Bookkeeping services)

automate repeating tasks

Do you often feel like you're taking the long way to do one simple thing? We can teach you to automate repeating tasks by creating simple Standard Operating Procedures to help improve productivity

Executive-level support

Our Executive-Level Support offers optimized business growth consulting through Tracking and Reporting Metrics, Branding, and building a world-wide audience

Choose the perfect plan

Let’s build your business at your own pace. Actually, you’ll be surprised how much we can get done in a short period of time. To us, here at Six by Six Solutions, it’s about QUALITY.


Per hour

General Project Management


20 hours monthly

Business growth plan


30 Hours monthly

Executive Level Support

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Where is SbSS located?

Both our management and our Virtual Assistants are located in Florida, USA. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Hours vary. 

Are there any start-up fee?

Absolutely not! We only charge the fee of the plan you choose. 

Do I need to purchase blocks of time?

Hourly Rate: Minimum of two (2) hours.

Monthly Packages: Minimum of ten (10) hours.

We track time and invoice to the second through specialized software, such as Toggl for accurate time-tracking.

Refund Policy

For hourly plans and packages, a full refund will be issued if we have not resolved a single issue for you within the first 7 days.

Chargeable Hours

All agreed plans and packages, including scheduled consultation calls, fall under chargeable hours. 

However, any written communication, such as emails or messages, will not be billed.

Account Billing

Hourly Clients will pay a fifty percent (50%) deposit up front. Hourly clients will then receive an invoice with a 30-day payment period for the final balance, based on the number of hours worked. 

Monthly Package Clients will pay fifty percent (50%) deposit up front. Monthly members will receive an invoice with a 30-day payment period for the final balance. Any additional hours would be added to balance. 

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your privacy is of great importance. Information will never be disclosed, loaned, leased, rented or sold to third parties, or made public without your permission, unless I am legally obligated to do so.

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