Raymond Hernandez

Raymond Hernandez

About Raymond Hernandez

There’s no denying that Raymond Hernandez is the whole package & then some. Not only does this Dominican-American have a well-sculpted body and intensely handsome face, he has a undeniable dapper style. 

When not starring in campaigns for The City of Orlando FL, or Ron Jon Surf Shop, the industry heavyweight can be found hanging out with his family & friends, traveling, or playing love songs on his guitar.  

Stylish & Sharp

When Raymond is not lending his striking appearance to renown brands, he’s working on his impressive style and toned body.

Athletic Wear

Classic Look



Well known for his positive energy, Raymond, is quick-witted and a social butterfly. He is always willing to travel, and is reliable. That’s why he has no problem finding work with these reputable companies.

Contact Info

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101 NE Third Avenue, Suite 1500 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (305) 600-0001

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